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ScubaLife Breaking new ground for Dive Industry

The traditional dive retailing is changing and ScubaLife is making it happen

ScubaLife is pleased to announce the launch of its B2B site Its purpose is to explain how this revolutionary program can benefit both the customer and the industry professional.

For years the dive industry has been seeking exciting ways of attracting new divers to our sport. ScubaLife was created for just that purpose. ScubaLife gives new divers easy entry into the sport of diving by offering them a one-stop online shop for purchasing training, equipment and travel.

ScubaLife is a turn-key web based business opportunity for the dive industry professional that connects the new divers with existing dive shops and instructors.

Brought to you by NASE Worldwide, Ocean Designs CORP. and Scuba Travel Ventures, the ScubaLife online portal offers business owners the opportunity to instantly begin selling training, equipment and travel. At the core of the business model, ScubaLife works to help dive professionals attract and keep new customers by providing a custom branded, ready-to-use e-commerce website.

“Our goal is to develop ScubaLife as a tool that enables professionals to tap into the power of the internet, leverage the power of a co-op and focus on profitability by reducing overhead,” says Allen Garber, V.P. Sales and Marketing.

The site is designed to answer questions, dispel myths and ultimately sell this business to professionals who want to have a leg up over the competition. The consumer site, is targeted new diver acquisition, gear and travel sales for each business owner.

“This is a radically new concept that has huge potential for forward thinking professionals; sometimes getting outside the box is the only option to bring about change,” says Garber.

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