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Southeast Asia

“Best diving” is a subjective and probably overused phrase, but it should be noted that every year divers far and wide bestow one or several destinations in Southeast Asia with the “best diving in the world” crown. There’s no denying that the region offers some of the world’s most incredible and coveted ocean experiences.

Southeast Asia is home to the Coral Triangle, a region that boasts the highest marine biodiversity on Earth, including:

  • Over 500 species of coral (76% of all-known coral species)
  • Over 3,000 species of fish (37% of all-known fish species)
  • 950 species of mollusk
  • 458 species of crustacean
  • 6 out of 7 species of sea turtle
  • The world’s largest extent of mangrove forests, including 19 species of seagrass
coral triangle
coral triangle