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Diving Divas – Traveling Around The World

Bonaire, Philippines, Utila and Grand Cayman

Scuba diving is an activity that is best when shared. The group of nine ladies who recently returned from seven days scuba diving and exploring the island of St. Croix know this all too well. Nicknamed the Diving Divas, this group of ladies, had never met before the trip, but after spending time together, they all agreed it was one of the best vacation adventures they’ve ever experienced.

The Diving Divas concept was developed by PADI Master Instructor Lana McGlynn. “I had always wanted to try scuba diving. So in October, 2001, I became an Open Water Scuba Diver and it changed my life,” she says. Less than two years, later she finished her Open Water Scuba Instructor certification and she is an active instructor today.

The Diving Divas will be venturing out with more trips in 2013 and 2014 together with Scuba Travel Ventures. The idea for the “divas” came about as Lana met other ladies looking for a dive buddy. “It’s an environment for women of a all ages to come together and enjoy a great dive destination, shopping and fine dining while creating lasting friendships and wonderful memories.”

The Diving Divas are often the most prepared and enthusiastic divers at resort destinations they visit. “People see us, a group of women and think we’re going to be slow or hold everything up. That doesn’t happen.” While the group is open to women of any age, a majority of the members are career women between the ages of 30 and 60 . Many take multiple trips each year and Lana said she has developed some strong friendships because of the group.

Teresa Cabading, who was part of the St. Croix group, said Scuba Travel Ventures is pleased to be working with Lana and the Diving Divas. “We’ve talked to a lot of women divers who have told us they are looking for people to go diving with, preferable other women. Many are new divers and Diving Divas helps them build their skills, gain confidence and experience in a low pressure, high enjoyment environment. Some woman are looking to travel with groups and avoid paying a single supplement.”

She adds that upcoming Diving Divas trips, which are being coordinated exclusively by Scuba Travel Ventures include Bonaire in July, 2013, the Philippines in October, 2013, Utila, Honduras in February, 2014 and Grand Cayman in July , 2014.

“What’s most appealing about the Diving Divas concept is that it’s so inclusive,” Lana says. “We have women from all over the country who are professionals, retired, married and single who all share a passion for scuba diving.”

For more info on Diving Divas,, or contact Lana McGlynn, Or call 703-980-8546.

You can also contact Teresa Cabading at or call at 1-800-298-9009

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