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Meet Malaysia is a blog series that explores the most amazing dive destinations in Malaysia, with insights by the locals who know them best.

Author: Zachary Cabading

Published: July 28, 2023

There’s no scuba diving in Kuala Lumpur, but Malaysia’s capital city is worth a visit if you’re diving at the islands in Borneo or West Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur is commonly (and conveniently) known as KL.

On one hand, KL is a cosmopolitan city that’s gleaming with glitz and glamor. There are modern skyscrapers, huge shopping malls, and all the exquisite boulevards, nightclubs, and shopping districts that you might expect from a city stepped upon the world stage.

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However, the culture of the old world is very much alive. You can see it in the family-run establishments, the street food, and the laid-back attitudes of the people who live here.

The joy of coming here for the first time is discovering the city’s graceful blend of the traditional and modern.

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