Dominica has been nicknamed the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” for its unspoiled natural beauty. It’s the youngest island in the Lesser Antilles, still being formed by volcanic activity, as evidenced by the world’s second-largest hot spring, Boiling Lake.

The island features lush mountainous rainforests, home of many rare plant, animal, and bird species. Most notably, Dominica is perhaps the only country in the world with resident sperm whales.

Underwater, Dominica’s volcanic upbringing is evident in its gorgeous reef formations and dazzling underwater vents, which provide habitat for all varieties of tropical fish, schools of pelagic fish, and a few species of dolphin.

dominica scuba diving

Scuba Diving in Dominica

You might consider Dominica for your next dive vacation if you…

dominica scuba diving

If You Want to See a Stunning Underwater Landscape

Dominica’s mountain rainforests are beautiful, but her underwater landscape won’t disappoint either. A volcanic island, Dominica’s coastline plunges sharply into the ocean giving divers an awe-inspiring seascape to explore, from steep walls, to volcanic ledges carved by swim-throughs and ancient lava flows, to underwater pinnacles that rise from the depths. 

Champagne Reef has bubbling volcanic vents that’ll give you the impression there’s a good party happening somewhere beneath the rock.

Some parts of the island get strong currents that bring schools of pelagic fish, like jacks and yellowfins. However, you should keep an eye out for the smaller animals hiding in the crevices of the reef. You can find awesome critters like seahorses, frogfish, and flying gurnards.

dominica scuba diving

If You’re Looking for Pelagic Encounters

Sperm whales live at Dominica year-round, and you might have the opportunity to go swimming with them or view them from a boat. The island also has common dolphin sightings, including spinner dolphins, pantropical spotted dolphinss, and bottlenose dolphins.

dominica scuba diving

If You’re Looking for a Nature Getaway

Dominica is a nature-lover’s paradise. Spend your surface intervals trekking through the rainforest, searching for rare animals, and hiking to picturesque waterfalls or the enormous hot spring. Dominica tourism is a bit underdeveloped, which only elevates the natural splendor — and the dive sites are much less crowded than other islands in the Caribbean.

dominica scuba diving

If You’re an Advanced Diver

Advanced divers will get the most out of Dominica. The best dive sites tend to be deeper and you may have to contend with strong currents. Likewise, the best hiking trails in Dominica are fairly difficult and often require several hours of trekking to get there and back.

Our Favorite Dive Resorts in Dominica

Fort Young Hotel and Dive Resort


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