Curaçao was at the crossroads of sea commerce — legal and illegal — during colonial times and its legacy is a diverse mix of cultural influences, from Dutch and West African to Spanish and indigenous.

With a fringing reef surrounding the island, scores of dive sites are just steps from your resort or only a short boat ride away. Curaçao’s trademark underwater highlights include mushroom-shaped coral heads, seahorses, cleaner shrimp, schools of colorful tropical fish, and the wreck of the Superior Producer.

If you like mellow diving — by boat and by shore — with healthy coral reefs and plenty of tropical critters, then you’ll love Curaçao. Ditto if you want to combine your diving with lively nightlife or lazy days on the beach.

curacao scuba diving

Scuba Diving in Curaçao

You might consider Curaçao for your next dive vacation if you…

curacao scuba diving

If You’re Looking for Beautiful Reefs

Curaçao boasts a fascinating variety of reef formations. For example, Blue Room will have you swimming into an open-air grotto, Mushroom Forest features coral heads that resemble giant mushrooms, and the coral at Alice in Wonderland gets larger as you descend, giving you the impression you’re diving into the rabbit hole.

curacao scuba diving

There are fringing reefs, sandy plateaus that drop down to walls, places where you can scoop up golf balls, and channel dives with schools of pelagic fish. Curaçao is truly a scuba diving playground.

If You Enjoy Leisurely Diving

Smooth sailing all around. Curaçao is has calm water conditions and excellent visibility which helps you enjoy the interesting dive sites. There’s some drift diving here and there, but it’s nothing too challenging. Even the shore diving is as easy as a beach day.

curacao scuba diving

If You’re Looking for Great House Reefs

The dive resorts in Curaçao have perhaps the best house reefs in the Caribbean. If you don’t want to get up early for a morning dive, you can sleep in and explore beautiful coral reefs just steps from your resort, on your time and at your convenience.

If You Enjoy Liqueur and Stroopwafels

Willemstad, instantly recognizable for its pastel-colored Dutch colonial buildings lining its harbor, is Curaçao’s major city. It’s a sophisticated and stylish port of call for cruise ships, so it offers no shortage of dining and entertainment options, from jewelry boutiques and world-class restaurants to nightclubs and casinos.

curacao scuba diving

Curaçao’s countryside is as tranquil and the city is bustling. You’ll find quiet, sandy beaches along the shore, a flamingo reserve in the valley, and charming villages in the hills. The island is famous for producing the blue Curaçao liqueur, a staple ingredient of countless cocktails, and you can take a distillery tour to see where it’s made. You might also want to taste the stroopwafel, a mouthwatering Dutch pastry.

curacao scuba diving

Our Favorite Dive Resorts in Curaçao

LionsDive Beach Resort

10 minutes south of Willemstad

Sunscape Curaçao Resort

10 minutes south of Willemstad

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