Our agents have a wealth of travel knowledge and decades of dive experience. Our support staff works diligently behind the scenes, ensuring all aspects of your trip go as planned. Sure, in this the era of “d.i.y.” travel, it’s easy to save a little cash and fashion yourself an expert. But what if your dream vacation turns into a nightmare because of something you may have overlooked, missed in the fine print, or just didn’t have enough information about? That’s when you’ll wish you had turned to the professionals. Still skeptical? Then check this out, as in David Letterman style (with a drumroll, please), we give you…

1. No more Googling “Diving Riviera Maya,” coming up with 1,000 websites and not knowing which ones to trust. We do. We’ve got that covered.

2. You won’t be forced to spend another dive vacation at a resort in a “village bungalow” where you overlooked a Dumpster outside your window, or heard the constant noise of a compressor – because you relied on an outdated website. We routinely visit resorts the world over, so we’ve got the latest information.

3. You won’t have to spend hours on the phone navigating an airline’s voice-activated customer service department to change your flight if you change your mind on your departure and return dates. We’ve got relationships with airlines and we can accommodate you if you decide to change your mind.

4. No more squeezing yourself and your gear aboard a cattle car dive boat to get to your sites – because you didn’t get the full story about the dive operator you picked by doing it yourself. We have relationships with dive operators everywhere and we’ll match you with one that fits your needs.

5. Your STV dive specialist won’t be fooled by any resort’s misleading glamour shot you saw on its website. We’ll give you unbiased takes on dive resorts. If one is undergoing construction, overrated or doesn’t offer the most value for your money, we’ll tell you about it. Straight up.

6. You’ll get fully briefed on the best time of year to visit dive destinations. Whether it’s schooling hammerheads in the Galapagos, whale sharks in Thailand, or great white cage-diving in South Africa, STV dive professionals know what’s up – and when.

7. You won’t get stuck somewhere hopping with spring breakers trying to star on the next reality TV show, when what you really wanted was a quiet, romantic dive getaway. STV dive travel professionals listen to what kind of dive vacation you want – and will do everything to ensure you get it.

8. You won’t get sticker shock at check-out time from a dive resort, because you didn’t know about those taxes and surcharges in the fine print of the disclaimer in your bill. We let you know up front everything included in your vacation – including any little extras – so you leave fully prepared.

9. You won’t be standing around in the sweltering humid early morning foolishly waiting for that transfer from the airport to the resort that never comes. Yep, we handle ground transfers, too. We’ve got you covered.

10. You won’t get a panic attack looking at your credit card statement after you discover the less than 100 percent professional resort or dive operator mistakenly charged your card more than once when you booked online. Let STV sweat all the details. Life is complicated. Vacations shouldn’t be.