Riviera Maya

Mayan Riviera – Stretching from Punta Brava just south of Cancun International Airport to Punta Allen just south of Tulum, exists one of the most fascinating destination spots in the world. Tropical beaches, ancient ruins, abundant marine and wildlife abound. The Great Mayan Reef is the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere.

Mexicans refer to the Riviera as “Riviera Maya” while foreigners call it the “Mayan Riviera” or “Maya Riviera”.

Riviera Maya starts but the general concensus is that once you get onto highway 307 along the coast in Quintana Roo you are pretty well in the Mayan Riviera. This highway runs from Cancun all the way down to Belize. The Mayan Riviera ends after Tulum, where the Costa Maya begins.

As you drive along highway 307 you are usually around a kilometer away from the beach. The land is flat and the scenery will appear similar to that of any flat-forested region of Canada or Europe. The highway itself is brand-new having just been widened in recent years and is in impeccable shape.

Along the Mayan Riviera, on the highway there is the occasional Mexican craft market, small industrial center, and lots of resort entrances. On the shoreline there are numerous privately owned rental cabanas, fishing and diving operations and beaches. The most popular travel destination in the Mayan Riviera is Playa del Carmen which is where you get the ferry to go to Cozumel. After Playa del Carmen the next town of any great size is Tulum.


Dive Aventuras – Riviera Maya

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