Costa Rica

You’ll constantly be torn between temptations here, in this Central American paradise, from soft and extreme adventures in the topside rainforests to some of the world’s best diving, underwater. Who knows, you may decide to opt for both. While some of its neighbors were ravaged by the superpower proxy wars of the 1980s and others are caught up in other political drama, Costa Rica – which has no army – has always stayed above the fray, attracting adventurous tourists who see the country as one of the planet’s best natural amusement parks.

There are two international gateway cities, San Jose and Liberia. The area around Liberia is starting to catch up in stature to Costa Rica’s major diving attraction, Cocos Island – an isolated uninhabited beauty, 300 miles off the mainland and only accessible only by live-aboard boat. Cocos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is well known for offering diving in the wild, with hammerhead sharks, manta rays, whale sharks, eagle rays, marbled rays and even sailfish. You can also witness some incredible fish behavior action, as thousands of jacks draw themselves into a tight “bait ball” circle to avoid being eaten by predators. If that’s not enough action for you, try a waterfall hike on the island during a surface interval.

On the Costa Rican mainland, near Liberia there are a variety of top-notch dive sites, with wall dives and small critter dives to take advantage of. Liberia is also where there are a ton of exciting land-based adventures to enjoy. Horseback riding, white water rafting, jungle trekking, bird watching are just some of the activities to indulge in.

Scuba Travel Ventures can book you on either a Cocos Island live-aboard or a Costa Rican land-based resort.


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