Southeast Asia

South East Asia, as it is known to westerners, comprises of a massive area from China and Mongolia in the north, to Indonesia and The Philippines in the south.

The main scuba diving holiday areas are in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and The Philippines where the main attractions are the clarity of the water, the impressive coral reefs, the beautifully coloured fish that adorn the reefs and the opportunity of seeing some of the worlds largest pelagics, such as Whale Sharks. Diving in South East Asia is relatively inexpensive compared to other locations in the world and is ideal for underwater photography.


Indonesia – Arenui

New Specials Daily 1-800-298-9009 Arenui liveaboard is a traditional Phinisi, Arenui liveaboarda classic Indonesian wooden sailing vessel, set to raise its anchors in June 2009 to...

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Indonesia – Coralia

New Specials Daily 1-800-298-9009 Coralia is a dream come true for every nature enthusiast! Luxurious cabins, spacious decks with lots of relaxation areas, delicious food, and of...

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Indonesia – Dewi Nusantara

New Specials Daily 1-800-298-9009 Living aboard Dewi Nusantara is as close to a five star experience as is possible in the faraway corners of the Indonesian archipelago. With an...

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Indonesia – Raja Manta

New Specials Daily 1-800-298-9009 With a major makeover in 2016, the Raja Manta Explorer is a boat designed for divers, by divers. Offering exciting itineraries through Ambon, Banda,...

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Indonesia – Samambaia

New Specials Daily 1-800-298-9009 Samambaia is a magnificent Phinisi, a traditional Indonesian wooden sailing vessel, built and designed to offer her guests the world’s top-rated...

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Indonesia – SMY Ondina

New Specials Daily 1-800-298-9009 Sailing aboard the S.M.Y. ONDINA you will have the opportunity to explore the most exotic and remote islands of Indonesia. You will be able to...

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Philippines – Azores of Atlantis Resorts

New Specials Daily 1-800-298-9009 Now that the Philippines is finally earning the rightful buzz in the diving community for being one of the world’s most outstanding dive regions,...

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