Maybe you’ve fantasized for years about diving here. Maybe you’ve dived here once before and your experience so far exceeded your wildest expectations that you want to return, or introduce it to a fellow diver – or divers – yet to visit. These Equator-straddling Pacific islands – part of Ecuador – are unique in the world for the proliferation of its underwater life and the diversity and singularity of its animals living on its rocky, isolated terrain, undisturbed by humans.

Galapagos Islands National Park is synonymous with naturalist Charles Darwin, who centuries ago came here to catalog species and became overwhelmed by what he found. Pictures of colonies of blue footed boobies bobbing along and iguanas slinking across the volcanic landscape are etched in the collective consciousness of adventurers. To divers, these islands conjure up iconic images of whale sharks, schooling hammerhead sharks and manta rays.

A journey by live-aboard boat is the only way to experience this unforgettable dive destination, but don’t worry, as these operators provide opportunities to go ashore for quality time to interact with animals there. A tour before and after your Galapagos Islands experience, of your Ecuadoran gateway city – either Guayaquil, or Quito – is not to be missed, either. Scuba Travel Ventures is partnered with two leading Galapagos Islands live-aboard companies, Aggressor Fleet and Explorer Ventures, both of which offer dive packages you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Highlights of the trip include the far-flung islands of Wolf and Darwin. Those islands boasts schooling hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, eagle rays, turtles, dolphins and seals, with Darwin offering the best chance to see whale sharks, depending on the time of year. Isabela Island is known for both its giant manta ray encounters off Cabo Marshall and macrolife sightings at Cousin’s Rock, and its giant tortoises on land. San Cristobal Island’s shores are home to wild iguanas and sea lions, Santa Cruz Island features sharks and rays and Mosquera Island offers sharks, rays and tropical fish.


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