St. Lucia

She lies in the Lesser Antilles, in the waters of the Eastern Caribbean, near where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean intersect. After the British and French wrested control of the volcanic, pear-shaped island from the indigenous people, the two nations staged seesaw battles to possess St. Lucia. French, British and African cultures are the dominant influences here, but there’s a spicy sprinkling of Lebanese, Greek, Portuguese and Chinese communities to complete the mix. For nearly 20 years, St. Lucia has hosted a major international jazz festival and boasts two Nobel laureates.

The towering green peaks, the Pitons are icons on the lush landscape, as is Fort Rodney, an old British military barracks. Many visitors love mountain biking and hiking on the island, through the rainforest. Beneath the surface, divers plunge into sites off the island’s west coast, around Anse Chastanet Reef. Nearly 200 fish species can be found. You can critter hunt to your heart’s content, for colorful invertebrates and watch schools of tropical fish flit about, or watch turtles cruise by.

Scuba Travel Ventures can arrange both resort stays and live-aboard bookings for you to enjoy the wonders of St. Lucia.


Anse Chastanet

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Jade Mountain

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Ti Kaye Resort & Spa

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