This free app has been around for years. It makes it simple to have international communication with loved ones and other Skype users while you are away with video or voice chat between devices and/or computers without expensive international or roaming charges. But did you also know you can use it to call landlines with as much ease? No need to buy an international pack for your phone. Just use Skype as your mobile voice over internet provider.

Translator for Windows Phone

According to Microsoft, this free translator app “supports translation between 35+ languages and endless applications for business and travel scenarios”.

1) Point & Translate by putting your phone in camera mode, point it toward a sign you wish to understand and watch your phone instantly translate it. No need to take a photo and wait – with this app translation is instantaneous.

2) Copy&Paste or Type for a quick translation and click on the speaker icon to hear the entered word or phrase spoken.

3) Speak into your phone and let it do the work translating what you want to say.

4) Translate Offline by downloading a mini-version “language pack”. A great aid for translating when you can’t connect to the internet in that remote location. Save money when you avoid using those expensive international data plans.

XE Currency App for iPhone

I’ve used XE Currency for years on my laptop to covert currency when planning on how much money to take with me for expenses and gifts, but now you can have this handy converter with you at all times.

1) Offers live proprietary exchange rates as well as historical charts.

2) Stores the last updated rates so when you can’t access the internet, you can still have an idea of what that delicious meal is going to cost.

3) With access to 180+ currencies and precious metals, XE Currency is the most widely trusted foreign exchange app available and has been featured by CNN, The Travel Channel, LA Times and the BBC. It can be downloaded for free, or download the “Pro” version for $1.99.


Findery is a fun app for sharing your world experiences with others. Discover other travelers’ favorite destinations and enjoy the stories they share from different parts of our world. It’s a social network of travelers messaging their favorite view or amazing discovery on their journeys. This free app is available on iOS and Adroid.

“We’re a team of people located in a really awesome office in glorious Hayes Valley, San Francisco who are head over heels in love with the internet. We believe people are gaining a new appreciation for the here and now, for the places we live, for the people in our neighborhood, for groundedness … and we couldn’t be happier about it.”

“We built Findery to help you tease out local knowledge, hidden secrets, stories and information about the world around you. You can annotate places in the real world, leave notes tagged to a specific geographic location—an address, a street corner, a stream, a park bench, a rock at the end of a road.”