Why Create a Travel Program for Your Dive Shop?

A travel program can yield so many benefits for your dive shop. You can drive sales, boost engagement with your customers, and boost your sales–plus, you get to have fun traveling!

But when do you have time to plan regular dive trips when you’re busy handling the day-to-day operations of your dive shop? [You might not even have time to plan your own vacation!]

Don’t worry! Scuba Travel Ventures can help you build a successful travel program for your dive shop or dive group.

Why Every Dive Shop Should Have a Travel Program

A travel program provides so many benefits for your dive shop:

  • Higher Engagement: Planning regular dive trips is a great way to keep your customers coming back to your store to buy new gear or take additional courses. Dive trips give your staff and customers the opportunity to have fun together and build positive relationships, which strengthens loyalty to your brand.
  • Better Sales: An upcoming dive trip is a great opportunity to encourage customers to take courses and buy dive gear.
  • Money-Making Opportunities: Travel programs through Scuba Travel Ventures give you the opportunity to make extra money. [We won’t spill the beans here.]

The Challenges of Creating a Travel Program

It’s tough to create a successful travel program because:

  •  Lack of Time and Money: If you own or manage a dive shop, you’re undoubtedly faed with a never-ending list of tasks to complete. Planning a scuba diving trip–for an entire group of paying customers, no less–is another major tasks that many dive shop owners don’t have the bandwidth for.
  • Travel Planning is Tedious: Planning a scuba diving trip for a large group of divers is logistically challenging. Remember that some dive resorts may have limited bed, in which case you’ll have to lodge divers in multiple hotels, that can vary in quality. In some countries, it can be difficult to arrange / coordinate transportation for a group of travelers.
  • Group Travel Can Be Risky: It’s a bummer when your personal vacation goes poorly. But it’s even worse when your dive trip goes south because you’ll have to deal with disappointed paying customers. Missed flights, lost luggage, and unexpected circumstances can sink a dive trip. It’s always helpful to have someone in your corner that can handle travel emergencies, who’s in contact with ground operators in whichever country you’re visiting.

Is it More Expensive to Use a Travel Agent?

You don’t pay a cent more for using a travel agency like Scuba Travel Ventures!

We receive commission from dive operators and resorts. We don’t collect any service fees from you.

Scuba Travel Ventures can actually save you money!

When you book dive trips with STV:

  •  You don’t have to hire an in-house travel planner (or divert valuable time from your staff)
  • You’ll get access to our premium rates on airfare and accommodations, which we developed through decades of relationship-building in the industry

STV Travel Programs

Scuba Travel Ventures can help you create a regular travel program for your dive shop.

  • Let Us Meet Your Needs: We make the time and effort to get to know your business and your customers. STV can deliver on any kind of dive trip, from adventure-based, to photo-intensive, to budget-sensitive.
  • Let Us Maximize Your Profits: We can customize dive packages for any destination and add value items like extra dives or guided land tours. Not only do we arrange the diving, we also arrange all the ecological, cultural, adventure, spa, and culinary options that you and your customers desire. Our contracts with major airlines also get you the lowest available airfare.
  • Let Us Sweat the Details: STV has dedicated travel coordinators who can answer all your questions. Your coordinator will sweat the smallest of stuff, from supplying helpful information about the destination well in advance of the trip, to organizing seat and room assignments, to ordering special meals. We also provide travel documents to each person traveling in your group. Your group leader receives a detailed book that outlines every last detail of the trip.
  • Let Us Offer Unbiased Opinions: STV offers you the best dive destinations worldwide. We offer resorts and liveaboard trips that are tailored to your needs and budget. We want you and your clients to have an unforgettable dive experience that matches your expectations, not ours.
  • Let Us Offer Our Experience: Our knowledgable and experienced staff know the challenges of planning a group dive trip. We’re experts in overcoming these challenges, whether it’s arranging stays in hotel day rooms, airport VIP lounges during long layovers, or speeding your group through immigration upon arrival. We work to make your trip seamless and error-free, with the ultimate goal of giving you happy and satisfied customers who are excited to book another trip with you!