Ever wish you had a knowledgeable, unbiased travel team of experts when planning that dream dive and adventure vacation? How about a committed, dependable team of agents who know you and know how you like to travel and dive – down to the tiniest detail? Want a team of professionals who can seamlessly handle all the logistics of your trip, save you money and exceed your greatest expectations?

Look no further! Trust Scuba Travel Ventures “STV” for knowledge, service and support.

  • Let Us Meet Your Needs: Before booking, we take the time to get to know you, – where you’ve been diving, where you’d most like to go, how you like to travel and what you most like to do on their next dive trip. We want you to return to STV for your next dive and adventure trip.
  • Let Us Save you Money: STV is a wholesaler dealing in volume. In these tough economic times, it’s hard to find lower prices anywhere.
  • Let Us Sweat the Details: STV easily handles all phases of your trip, from airfare, transfers, accommodations to diving, meals and topside soft adventure and cultural tours. STV knows the destinations inside out, the best times to travel and can custom create itineraries for you – at no greater cost than a standard dive package.
  • Let Us Offer Unbiased Opinions: You’ll never hear STV sell you on a destination, resort or live-aboard vessel. Our goal is to have you enjoy an unforgettable dive experience that matches your own expectations and budgets. We offer the best dive destinations worldwide.
  • Let Us Offer Our Experience: STV has the most knowledgeable staff in the dive industry. Our experts on the ground – and on the reefs – are fully up to date on what’s happening in all dive destinations. That’s one way we help the thousands of clients we serve each year get the most from their experiences. We also know there’s more to your trip than diving. So let us arrange all the ecological, cultural, adventure, spa and luxury culinary options you desire.

We Know Our Way Around The World

There’s a good reason why STV professionals are so knowledgeable about the latest developments at, and the most intricate nuances of, the world’s myriad dive destinations. We’re there, in person. Our expert staff is constantly and regularly scouting the world, topside and underwater, on every continent and in every sea, examining firsthand what’s going on at dive resorts and dive sites and onboard live-aboard vessels. Why? We do this to renew and refresh our knowledge and pass on the latest information to you, our esteemed clients, and maximize both your options and dollar value.

If there’s a newly discovered, must-dive site anywhere in the ocean, we know it, and we’ll share it with you, before anyone else. If there’s a new, must-visit resort, or tantalizing new element to an existing one that you’ve just got to experience, we’re on it and will help you be among the first to have it. And our longstanding and close relationships with the dive service industry means that you will get nothing less than the best personal service and hospitality.

We also know the words “budget” or “deluxe” don’t always equal “best quality” or “best value.” That’s why we travel the world to discover firsthand what destinations, resorts and live-aboards truly meet this criterion. Then we match those elements to you – never the other way around. We also cater to non-divers, getting them actively involved in exciting land and sea excursions and activities.

STV knows its way around the world… and shows how it directly benefits you.

Let STV make planning your next dive and adventure trip a dream experience.